Design Studio 3, 2018
This work introduces brief information about transportation around RISD for studentswho just came to campus.

The goal of this assignment was to solve existing problem in the current world. This project is to suggest a solution for the difficulties I have experienced in early school years. As an international transfer student, lots of things were confusing and not clear enough for me. When I had to move from places to places, I felt necessity for an organized information of transportation.

This work has two formats: A zine in a necklace and a pdf file. Most students get lots of information through posters, brochures, websites and emails. The work needed to be clear enough for students who get easily confused by the amount of information they get.


This project has gone through lot of changes during the class. It started out as a graphic design for transportation, which later narrowed out into a graphic design for a train station near the school. Later the theme changed to making a guide for transportations that the students can use in general, not just trains. However, certain aesthetic were kept despite the changes.

Zine is put in the necklace with a little card. Zine contains essential information as packed as possible. This necklace can be easily distributed at the orientation of the start of the year. Also, it would be easy for students to carry the information with their other stuff like student ID or cards.

On the necklace there's additional paper card that informs RIPTA bus information. The design of a card resembles backside of student ID.

PDF is for distributing through email, and its design is suited for smartphone. With this way students can have access to the information without accessing to internet. PDF basically follows the design of zine and has similar content. However, PDF is a bit more suited for mobile screen and has external links for those who need extra information.